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Al Mejrab Group is a consortium of companies that are leaders in providing digital consultancy, software development, designing services, and hosting platforms. We are a private equity that focuses on providing state-of-the-art solutions to multiple industries across the globe. Our vision is to explore, analyze, produce, and deliver technologies that are adequate to our client’s growing digital needs.

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Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

The following terms and conditions administer your use of this website and govern our interactions in the case that you (the ‘User’) and us (‘Al Mejrab Group’) enter into a contract regarding any of the products/services that we offer. When you use our website and our products/services, you agree with all of these terms and conditions. Our website may not be for your use in the case you do not agree with any of these rules.

2. License to use website

We and our licensors are the owners of all intellectual property rights of this website and all its material unless stated otherwise. As stated in the license below, all the following rights to intellectual property are reserved.
You can view the website and download from it for the purpose of caching only. The pages of the website may be printed for personal use, which should abide by the restrictions defined below or in any other part of the terms and conditions.
You are not allowed to:
i. rent, sell or sub-license any content of the website
ii. republish or redistribute any material from the website on another website or elsewhere
iii. modify or edit any content of the website
iv. display the website’s material in the public
v. exploit (copy, reproduce, or duplicate) the website’s material for commercial use

3. Acceptable use

Below are the terms of use of our website that are not acceptable
i. Our website should not be used in any way that may cause harm to the website, or affect its accessibility and availability. Your use should not be harmful, illegal, fraudulent, or unlawful in any way. It must also not have a connection with any other illegal, harmful, unlawful, or fraud activity.
ii. Our website should not be used to send, transmit, distribute, publish, store, or copy anything that either is linked to, or consists of any rootkit, keystroke logger, worm, Trojan horse, spyware, virus, or other types of malicious software.
iii. Any type of systematic or automated data collection should not be performed in relation to or on our website unless there is a written consent available. Data mining, data harvesting, data extraction, and scraping are not permitted.
iv. Our website should not be used for unsolicited commercial communications.
v. Except for our express written consent, our website should not be used for any marketing related purposes.

4. Limited warranties

Even though we aim to make sure that all the information (except user content) on our website is correct, there is no warranty regarding the accuracy and completeness. We do not make any commitment to ensure that the material of the website remains available and updated.

5. Indemnity

You hereby assure us and pledge to keep us assured against all damages, liabilities, losses, costs, and expenses that may be suffered by us as a result of any breach of our terms and conditions made by you; and the ones incurred due to any claim of your breaching any provision of our rules. The expenses will include but are not limited to legal expenditures, and any payments to third parties in regard to dispute or claim settlements or as advised by our legal advisers.

6. Breaches of these terms and conditions

If you do not abide by these terms and conditions in any way, we will hold the right to take an action that we consider appropriate regarding the issue. This could include blocking your access to the website, taking the matter to the court, prohibiting access to the website from computers that use your IP address, or requesting your internet service provider to disallow your access to our website.

7. Variation

The terms and conditions could be subject to revision from time-to-time. In case of a revision, the updated terms and conditions of use of our website will be applicable since the date of their publication on our website. You are advised to check this page regularly in order to stay aware of the current version of our terms.

8. Exclusion of third-party rights

Our terms and conditions are for your and our benefit – they are neither intended for the advantage of a third-party nor will they be enforceable by it. The consent of any third-party does not, in any way, affect the implementation of these terms and conditions.

9. Ownership of demo products

The Al Mejrab Group owns the rights to all demo content, products, images, mock-ups, prototypes, websites, and apps that are delivered. In the case that a demo is delivered to you (the ‘client’), you cannot use, redistribute, alter with, or otherwise change the demo content for personal and professional use without the prior permission of the Al Mejrab Group. The purpose of a demo is only to ensure the client’s agreement and undersigning, it may not be used by the client for any other purpose.

10. Terms and conditions of product agreement

The terms and conditions that we are undersigned after your (the client’s) approval of the quotation are final. Once the requirements for a product have been outlined and undersigned, they cannot be changed, revised, altered, modified, or otherwise edited. This means that if you (the client) has any additions, modifications, or revisions to be made to our product agreement, a new agreement will have to be undersigned with a new quotation (that is likely to have a different cost) which the Al Mejrab Group approves.

11. Liability to make payments

Once a quotation that has been sent by the Al Mejrab Group or any of its subsidiaries is approved by you (the client), you are liable to make the payments outlined in quotation before the date stated within the agreement. The failure to make the payment for an agreement on time will hold you liable for breach of contract in accordance with which, the Al Mejrab Group can take any legal action that it finds necessary.

12. Ownership of source code and copyrights

All products and services that are designed, developed, maintained, or which otherwise utilize Al Mejrab Group’s resources come under the ownership of the Al Mejrab Group. This includes the source code and copyrights of websites, web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, poster designs, logo designers, all other forms of designs, software products, and all other products delivered by Al Mejrab Group to you (the client). In the case that the client wishes to take over the ownership and/or copyrights of a delivered product, Al Mejrab Group holds the rights to charge a fee for the transfer of ownership.

13. Entire agreement

The entire agreement between you and us regarding the use of our website consists of our privacy policy and all of these terms and conditions. These rules overrule all agreements previously formed in the relation to your use of our website. When you make use of this website and/or enter a contract with the Al Mejrab Group or any of its subsidiaries, you signify that you accept these terms and conditions and the privacy policy of Al Mejrab Group.
The clause 9, 10, 11, and 12 of these terms and agreements extend to all the subsidiaries of the Al Mejrab Group including Mejrab Soft, Mejrab Digital, Mejrab Designing, and Mejrab Hosters.

14. Law and jurisdiction

Our terms and conditions will be administered by and defined according to the law of Pakistan. In case of any disputes regarding these rules and conditions, the courts of Pakistan will be in authority to make decisions.